Road transportation

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tarpaulin semi-trailer transport - tautliner


We transport all types of goods. Our tautliners are all equipped with straps, anti-slip mats, brackets and stop bar. They meet the European standards for cargo securing. They are equipped with side rails as well as fixing points for hooks. They are also equiped with removable aluminium side bars. Full loads FTL and partial loads LTL.

Inside length 13.6 meters – Inside width 2.5 meters – Inside height 2.65 meters or 2.88 meters for a total capacity of 89.43 m³.

transport semi remorque verre industriel - inloaders


Expertise in glass transportation sector since 1991.

We have at your disposal 70 glass semi-trailers / inloaders especialy equipped for transporting industrial glass on stillages. Most of them are superlight trailler. They are equipped with Mecapush glass wedging system (FAYMONVILLE brand models), horizontal hydropush controlled by a worm screw and activated with hydraulic motors allowing to wedge the majority of loading possibilities.

transport semi remorque benne basculante


Our tippers are designed for a various aggregates transportation (i.e. : quarry stone, sand, tarmac, ...) Variable transportation volume from 25 to 36 m³.

Our tippers are all equipped with rolling tarpaulins in order to secure the goods as much as possible the goods.

transport semi remorque frigorifique température dirigée


Eurogaume is your controlled temperature transportation partner since 1985. We exclusively transport food products.

Inside dimensions: 13,42m long - 2,51 m width - 2,70 m high - 153.43 m² surface.

Refrigeration unit with temperatures ranging from - 20 °C to + 30 °C.

ATP compliance.

transport semi remorque tautliner JOLODA


We provide our customers Tauliner with JOLODA systhem.
This term refers to a manual loading and unloading system using the inked rails embedded along the entire length of the trailer, which saves our customers time and energy.
This system is mainly used for the transport of paper products.
transport semi remorque pour grume


Specially designed for the transport of small logs, Christmas trees, ... these trailers can be adapted to your needs.

Generally requested for agricultural and forest use, our team will be happy to advise you on your transport requirements.
transport semi remorque pour grume


Eurogaume provides container transport from Antwerpen + Rotterdam ports and different terminals.

We delivery goods in all EU countries, but specialise in the BeneluxGermany and France.

Our container chassis can load  20 ft, 30 ft 40 ft and 45 ft.

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