About US


Who are we ?

history introduction

Our company has always been a family business on a human scale.
The adventure began in 1970.
Now, the third generations family members have joined the management with the same desire to move forward, to evolve and take up future challenges.
"At the beginning, our family company had four tautliners trucks.

Our mission & vision

Over the years, the company's objective has been to develop, adapt and diversify into the most diverse fields of transport and position itself throughout the European Union and Schengen area.

We focus on a constant monitoring of market developments, technologies and environmental advances through the regular renewal of our fleet.

Technical service

Internal management

Our company has more than 20 years of expertise in mechanics field and technical aspect of our fleet.
Maintenance and repairs are organised by us and supervised by specialised professionals.

Reactivity in case of breakdown is our priority in order to guarantee the timely taking over and delivery of your goods.


Family business on a human scale
Reactivity, anticipation, increased presence
Monitoring and continuous improvement of our services
Our punctuality via a system of delay’s anticipation
Integrated global solution for tracking and geo-location of our fleet in real time via the Transics systhem
Continuous training of our staff and drivers
Safety policy through staff training
Security of the goods through our expertise
Service all around Europe


Examining the profession of HGV drivers who are essential to ensure the effective functioning of our company (Eurogaume Lux and therefore our costumer)
Work to upgrade the value of the profession of HGV driver
Listening and promoting the well-being at work
PPE (personal protective equipment)
Ergonomy in driver's activity.


Commitment in CO2 emission reduction via internal policy:
Objective 100% EURO6
Engine characteristics selection for CO2 emissions reduction
Increased use of biofuels
Continuous training of our drivers in ECO rational driving
Monthly monitoring fuel consumption
In a near Future : transition to LNG and/or hydrogen vehicles.


Focus on cargo security:
Securing goods buy using customised stowage for each product
Staff training
Equipment maintenance
Possibility to contract a specific insurance

Eurogaume lux direction

A company which has been active at an international level with a family management over several generations
Stéphanie MAZUIS3rd generation stephanie.mazuis@eurogaume.lu
Jean-Philippe MAZUIS3rd generation jeanphilippe.mazuis@eurogaume.lu
Alexandre MAZUIS3rd generation alexandre.mazuis@eurogaume.lu